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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  January 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the santorum surge. is it real? i'm aaron gilchrist in for pat law son muse. >> we'll have a report from iowa in a bit. first the mercury is about to do another nosedive on us, folks. but for how long? veronica johnson joins us from storm center 4 with the latest. that 29, that's hard to even look at. >> i know. an ominous looking sky. this is indeed the coldest air of the season that we've gotten and cold enough for sure to produce some snow across the area. we've seen it ever since early this morning. there were a few isolated accidents around i-83 in maryland as well as i-70 and two 70 in what you're seeing. it is more snow that's coming through the area. all this, snow streamers, oriented northwest to southeast and originating from the great lakes. just off lake erie. gaithersburg seeing more snow. along i-270 and we've got more areas of snow to the south.
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leonard town, fredericksburg and right southwest of warrenton. hanging on for about another three, maybe four hours. i wanted to open it up and show you the lake effect snows. keep your eye on that one little area coming off lake erie. because you can track it all the way down as it came into our area. starting up there about 1:00 a.m. by 10:30, north of ellicott city. this is the image i took earlier today on my way in. it was enough to produce a light coating on area roads. here's another shot of one of the parking lots. but this snow in fact made it all the way to ocean city. that's right. even ocean city around cambridge. areas around delaware getting some light snow. our temperatures very low, below freezing. 28 in warrenton right now. we've had wind gusts throughout the day. 35 and 37 miles per hour. they're going to start subsiding but it is still very, very windy. you might imagine that will have an effect on the temperatures
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throughout the overnight. they'll be dropping to the single digits by tomorrow morning. flurries for about five, six, maybe 7:00 a.m. then our temperatures start heading down to 24 degrees by 11:00 p.m. with again, single digit windchills expected later tonight and early tomorrow morning. we'll have more on what you can expect for the rest of the week. it might put a smile on your face. >> looking forward to that. an air jet skidded off the runway in ohio and slid into the mud. this happened last night. no reports of injuries. everybody got off the plane safely. the plane was coming from st. petersburg, florida, but had problem making a turn off the runway. the faa is investigating this incident. here we go, the first
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caucuses of the campaign. the latest polls put mitt romney, rick santorum and ron paul all with a shot at the top slot. as steve handelsman reports, the results are sure to shape the rest of this campaign. >> back by younger voters who like him want less government and more profcy. ron paul figures he can win tonight. at valley high school, paul urged 18-year-olds to calling us. >> a wonderful opportunity to restate our sound principles about why this country had been great. >> but one poll backer switched. >> when i saw him yesterday, he might be the new candidate. >> today romney backed off his prediction of a win. >> i think it is hard to predict what will happen but i think i'll be in the top group. >> mean him, ron paul and rick santorum. finally in the spotlight. the social conservative came to valley high.
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teacher sylvia flores was watching. >> you need to focus on who is that candidate who has the vision for america? >> i do believe that he is somebody who will do what he believes in. >> so now you might calling us for rick santorum? >> i might. >> his surge was strong in the last poll. >> do you assume you'll win? >> i don't assume anything. i'm just working hard. >> reporter: mitt romney's big fear is a comeback by the candidate who charged romney is not truthful about his negative ads and his policy switches. newt gingrich today on romney. >> do you still believe he is a liar? >> sure. >> why do you feel that way? >> because he doesn't tell the truth. >> reporter: after months of iowa campaigning, tonight is the night. >> on to victory! >> reporter: conventional wisdom is these caucuses eliminate the losers but seldom choose the candidate. results come in maybe 8:00 d.c.
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time. >> okay. you're on the ground there. any predictions? and might we see some people dropping out as early as tomorrow when we know results? say fourth, fifth, sixth spot? >> reporter: you could of course. nobody admits that. i said 8:00 d.c. time. that's not right. 9:00 d.c. time before we'll get some serious results from here. you know, again, conventional wisdom is that bachmann lacks the support and the funding to continue but she said she will. rick perry has much more support in material of dollars. he says he'll continue. huntsman hasn't even campaigned here in iowa. jon huntsman is focused on new hampshire. so you know he's not going to quit tonight. so it may be nobody. but in effect, you will have winnowed it down to the top finishers. and again, conventional wisdom can prove to be wrong. fourth here last time was john mccain who went on to be the nominee. back to you. >> that's right. going to be an interesting
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night. a lot of build-up to this day. steve handelsman live in des moines for us. we'll be checking back. >> stay with news4. an nbc for continuing coverage of the iowa caucuses. we'll be talking live to david gregory from iowa tonight and have results as they begin to come in on news4 at 11:00 this evening. meanwhile, president obama and the first family are back at the white house today. they returned this morning from their holiday vacation in hawaii. and the president is already trying to make sure the republican presidential candidates don't get all of the attention in iowa. tonight the president will host a web chat with supporters in iowa while the caucuses are in full swing. the president will stay in campaign mode tomorrow when he travels to cleveland to discuss the economy. a teenage boy recovering this afternoon after being hit by a car while in his wheelchair. this hampden about 7:00 this morning at davidson road and symphony court in mclean. chopper 4 flew over the scene.
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firefighters shut down both lanes of traffic in that area. everything is back to normal now. fairfax county police say investigating this, they are investigating the cause of this accident. they say the driver stayed on the scene and that teen is expected to recover. a heads-up. changes began for metro ride here's use those smart trip cards. riders do not need to go to the convenienting machines to add money or smart benefits to their smart trip cards. riders can also add money to their card online. the federal transit benefit dropped from a maximum of $230 a month to $125. if riders don't use all their smart benefits by the end of the month, they could lose all of the cash. a bridge demolition may cause major delays for drivers around tyson's corner. at 11:00 tonight, v-dot will begin taking down the old lieuinsville road bridge. crews may have to close both lanes and lewinsville road.
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it is one of the 20 projects. demolition should wrap up by 4:00 a.m. on the weekdays and 7:00 a.m. on the weekends. it should take three to four weekends to complete. in arlington, pretty soon you'll have a we are idea how long it will take you to get through traffic on route 50. the county plans to install a real-time travel system. drivers would see message boards along a ten-mile stretch of that road themselves would be placed at various locations. leaders hope to have that finished by 2013. a new mark center today, the final wave of workers moved into that complex off i-395 and seminary road. angie has more on how commuter are balgt the gridlock. >> reporter: at the mark center in alexandria, it was bracing for freezing temperature and more traffic. >> it will be a little crazy with more people moving in. the traffic will be a little bit
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bad, you know, but we'll adjust. >> reporter: today the time round of employees move in. the transfer to the new center is part of the base realignment plan that started last summer. for some, the new year now means new ways to travel. >> i had to wake up a little earlier every day to get to work on time. >> reporter: in total, that's another 6,400 workers on top of the estimated 200,000 people who travel 395 daily. surprisingly, commuters say the morning drive was generally light. >> so far it hasn't been bad but people have been off on vacation and stuff so we'll see. >> reporter: picking a traffic nightmare, congress put a cap on the park go spaces limiting them on spots. they retimed the traffic signals and reconfigured ramps to open up more lanes. some drivers haven't noticed. >> calm from fairfax parkway, then 395 and it is better.
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>> reporter: they're hoping to ease the traffic. mass transit, a lot of government workers are actually using the metro despite their not being a metro station here. a lot of the workers are being dropped off right around this corner via shuttle buses. i talked to one guy. he said he is upset about having to take the bus. but when the center here inherited those more than 6,000 jobs from the army back in 2008, they put a plan in place to be able to ferry workers to and from the center to the metro and vre and local lots. reporting from alexandria, virginia. news4. when news4 at 4:00 continues, saved by the app. how a local man used his cell phone to help rescuers find him in the wilderness. not a flash mob but a trash mob. what some kids are doing and posting on youtube. why drinking and shopping don't mix.
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it's almost 5:00 somewhere, right? happy new year to you. >> happy new year. >> first up today, we've heard of flash mobs in our area. this is something happening in florida involving stores and trash? >> flash mobs which is where everyone gets together and dances in unison.
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everyone just shows up at union station or what have you. then everyone starts doing some sword of weird dance at the same time. trash mobs are where young adults end up going into major retail stores like target, walmart, toys "r" us and disemploying merchandise. they have the big giant creamed corn. watch. boom! now here's the thing. thanks to youtube, these are becoming very popular. whereas before you might have bragging rights to your friends, that's not funny. that's a barnes and noble. >> he's not reading. it is becoming a an he said demmic. people are seeing it online. that's a punk. that's what my daddy would call a punk. >> i agree. clean-up on aisle three. so this is something they're trying to keep from happening
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across the country. >> so apparently there's an airline, a dutch airline that's trying to come one this tool that would let people sort of see, learn about who they will sit next to on a plane. even pick them from their social networking sites. >> imagine if you got on a plane, you're traveling for business and someone says hey, aaron, how are you? imagine being a single beautiful young lady. this could be stalkerish. they are working on an application that would allow people, when you're going to find seats on airlines, that it will pop up your face. you know how you see the three across? you would see your face, your face, and then i would have an empty seat. i could sit next to these guys. they're on tv. it links not only with your facing into profile but also with linked in. they're finding ways to do airline dating. so would you find single people on the plane to sit next to. >> what does that tell if you you're sitting on the plane and nobody is around you? they're all empty seats. >> a big l on your forehead?
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>> or your elderly. you say it sounds cool. it freaks me out. imagine you're stuck next to somebody going to los angeles for five hours or something. >> it sounds like a jerry seinfeld episode. >> look for that. people are coming up with creative ways to propose. we've seen it at sporting events, arenas. this guy was creative but a little on the cheap side. >> we were having this conversation during the break. he got in touch with them and there is a proposal. so christmas day. his girlfriend wakes up. they met playing an online game and it is a role playing game. you don't have to be in the same room with people. it is called find city on google price. he asked them to write in. none of them have engagement rings. she wakes up, finds the ring on her boyfriend, calls and says i do. here's the thing. there is no real ring. it is just a computer ripping.
4:17 pm
>> virtual. >> some people are saying this is the most creative thing ever. is it romantic? or is it just cheese y and cree? >> i don't see a lot of women going for that. do you have to wear a big ipad on your finger? wait. here it is. >> scan it. >> if you've ever bought something after you had a little too much to drink, you're not alone. merchants are making a real effort to market to those after hours drinkers/shoppers. business time on ebay. what do you think during the day? >> i would aim for after 5:00 many. >> 6:30 to 10:30 in every time zone. they're looking for ways to build business themselves looked at people drinking with friends and they said wave captive audience of people who are drunk, you have your impulses going and here you are shopping. they're looking for ways to improve sales starting at 9:30,
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depending on where you are in the country. and there you go. now you don't feel like you went home and passed out. you feel like you really did something. i once bought oxiclean. >> it's incredible stuff. i have the cleanest toilets -- i'm like billy may. >> you got a new selling many debuting tomorrow. people wanted us to do prank calls with their friends. can you please prank my friend? she's getting married in can you tell they are we having venue canceled because it overbooked? tomorrow at 7:05, this will be a huge runaway success. we would love for you to take a look at us. >> it sounds like ugly, cruel and a bit fun. >> yeah burk we let them in on the fun. >> in the morning with cain. remember you can catch him on 99.5. thank you. we'll see you again next tuesday. american idol finalist ringing in the new year with we have go bells. >> he married his long time girlfriend heidi lowe.
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no virtual ring here. it was a chapel, seated in a california redwood forest. the couple says they couldn't imagine a better way to kick off 2012. they hosted 85 special guests, including their 2-year-old son hunter who was the real ring bearer. his debutal bull, memories of a beautiful disaster, hit store shelves two months ago. at the other end of the relationship spectrum, when it comes to the break-ups of celebrity couples, it seem to get harder and harder to surprise anyone. >> over the past few months, several have managed to do just that. the top five shockers from the past year. >> our number five spot belongs to hugh heavy not that i remember. they canceled their i dos days before the wedding. hefner had been planning a cover spread which quickly became a runaway bride spread. she auctioned off her engagement
4:20 pm
ring and raked in over $74,000. and the break-up. >> you would think i won the lotto or something which i kind of did. >> rumors that ashton cheated on demi with the administrative saint named sarah sent shock waves through hollywood. the alleged one-night stand went down on the sixth wedding anniversary. demi announced she was ending her marriage to the star. jlo coming in at number 3 for surprisingly ending after seven years of marriage and two kids. since then jen has been spotted globe trotting and kissing one of her dancers. they continue to work together for their respective line. >> we both love each other very much. and we're taking it one day at a time. >> it was the calm before the media storm. they announced the split just before the news break. his relationship with the mistress was the straw that broke maria shriver's back and their 25-year marriage.
4:21 pm
50-year-old mildred known as patty reportedly went public with her story after being fired. >> i want to raise my kids and live in l.a. that's where i'm from. that's all i know. >> by time we have kids and all that, no one will care about you. let's be honest. >> taking the top spot for the most shocking breakups, kim kardashian and kris hull 40s. she ended her marriage after 72 days. the televised wedding special was one of the most watched ceremonies of the century. the drama continues to unravel on cort any and kym take new york. >> there are more kardashians to keep us entertain in 2012 perhaps. >> keep milking it, i'm sure. coming up, health concerns over the paper towels that you find in a lot of public bathrooms. >> that's an
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it's one of those days -- >> hold on. i'm noticing that you wore your red today. and i don't have any red on. so here's my red.
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we'll turn it this way for the caution of some of the area roads. >> airing is having a fit. he sees you move the caution cone that we need at the doors. >> don't worry, eric, i'll put it back. >> if somebody slips and falls over there, it is on you. it is you on the way to the map wall. >> i was going to say, this is one of those days where people walk around angry. face all balled up and mad. >> it is cold. we've got windchill readings at 16 degrees. i just glanced over and saw the dew point at minus 3. it is a lotion day for us. but caution on area roads for tonight. we're seeing some more of these flurries, the snow extremers come through the area. and with that it could plebe as temperature continue to fall, it could mean that we have some slick spots on the area roads. here's a look at earlier today. this is out of gaithersburg, maryland. where more of that stone came down enough to coat the grass and yes, enough to coat the roads. some areas had to look a little harder than others. boy, oh, boy, this morning came
4:26 pm
down pretty good at howard county. we're at 29 yesdegrees. 16 degrees with the north northwest wind at 20 miles an hour. we've had gusts come through the area at 35 and 37 miles per hour. here's a look at the current gusts from 30 mid to upper gusts. 29 in manassas and 36 hanging on in leesburg, virginia. the windchill readings right now from 10 to about 16 degrees through the area. later tonight, down into the single digits. that includes going right into tomorrow morning. so it will be very cold. we dropped to 24 degrees. midnight, then 20 to 21 degrees early tomorrow morning. i think after we get past that little wave of flurries, we'll see skies start to clear a bit and we'll turn mostly clear during the overnight period. here's a look at the snow its way northwest to southeast through the area.
4:27 pm
gaithersburg, i-270, still a little bit of snow coming down around 355. all this extending from the great lakes all the way over to the ocean. to the coast. to delaware. to salisbury. we're going to have some evening snow as we look at the future weather and then the possibility of more flurries coming through the area. we clear out but we'll see increasing cloudududs througut e day on wednesd. another cold one but at least we won't have as much wind to contend with. then while we've got windchill readings in the teens, not as cold for thursday. the temperature for thursday, up around 45 to 46 degrees. from the teens to the mid 40s by thursday. cold scattered snow showers for your evening. 23 to 28 degrees. that wind will be diminishing. we'll have an actual air temperature of 12 to 20 degrees. then tomorrow, 32 to 36 degrees as far as the flurries go
4:28 pm
tomorrow. just a slight chance. it will be nothing like what we saw today. 36 and then 56 degrees expected on saturday. so the coldest air of the season. it has been a brief shot of the first cold wave. >> we like brief. >> when we come back, a whole lot more to come. a murder investigation right out ystery novel on the grounds of a royal estate in england. lien to rescue a
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4:30 pm
family from certain death. welcome back. at 4:30, it's on. republican voters in iowa will launch the 2012 primary season tonight when they attend the iowa caucuses. mitt romney, ron paul and rick santorum all say they can win it.
4:31 pm
meanwhile, newt gingrich and jon huntsman appear to be trying to lower expectations. huntsman didn't even campaign in iowa. instead he is already in new hampshire where next week's primary will happen. a teenage boy is recovering this afternoon after getting hit by a car while in his wheelchair. the crash happened about 7:00 this morning at the intersection of davidson road and symphony court in mclean. fairfax county police a a are investating the cause of the crash. they say the driver did stay on the scene. the teen is expected to recover. >> and drivers traveling near the new mark center in alexandria having to pack some patience. today was the final move-in day for workers. 6,400 employees now in that complex themselves add to the estimated 200,000 people who use i-395 to work every day. wall street making some big gains today for the first day of trading in 2012. the positive numbers were a result of better than expected global economic reports. the dow gaining about 179
4:32 pm
points. the nasdaq shot up 43. the s&p 500 closed 19 points higher. >> police in london have launched a murder investigation and there is a link to the royal family. a woman's body was found on the estate where queen elizabeth and her family spend the holidays. >> reporter: a murder mystery on the grounds of the estate. a palace beloved by the royal family for two hundred years. and this is a place where they always have their christmas celebrations. where the queen and her husband still are now. and they are informed just last night that on new years day, a dog walker in the area found the body of a woman, human remains on the estate. keep in mine, it encompasses thousands of acres and these remains were found about two miles from the main royal residence. but today, police are calling this murder. they've been very quiet about the details. both the police and the palace have. they're releasing very, very little information. they have much of the woodland
4:33 pm
there blocked off. >> i can't tell you a great deal in all honey. we have a lot to establish. and we don't want to make any sort of guesses or suppositions at this time. we really need to wait. >> reporter: so police are investigating this old murder. apparently the remains have been there for some time. and that's all they're releasing at this point. the body was found technically on royal grounds. back to you. >> our thanks to michelle. part of the estate is open to the public. police say the royal family is not implicated in the crime in any way. detectives are questioning a man today they believe could be behind at least four fire bombings in a new york city neighborhood. those blazes are being investigated as possible hate crimes against muslims. an islamic center, two home and a convenience store were attacked on sunday. the suspected arsonist was tracked down through surveillance video of his car.
4:34 pm
police say he was kicked out of a starbucks store two weeks ago, trying to steal glass bottles. starbucks bottles were found at four of the five attack scenes. in utah, eight strangers risked their own lives to rescue a man and three children from certain death. roger andersen went skiing with his son, a 9-year-old daughter and one of her friends. on the way up the mountain the car hit an ice patch and careened into an icy river. the water quickly filled the car. the children were trapped upside down in four feet of water. two of them were unconscious. eight bystanders jumped into that icy water when they couldn't free the children, they flipped the car over so they could pull them out. >> i pictured his eyes just staring at me only roadway. and there was no pulse, not even faint. there was a woman standing next to my shoulder and i said please tell me you know cpr.
4:35 pm
this child is not, there is no pulse. >> without hesitation, they just did what they had to do. and that in our family made all the difference. >> some good people in the world. everybody involved in that accident is expected to make a full recovery. >> winter conditions are hitting parts of the country several weeks later than usual. a bitter cold blowing over the great lakes region is producing large amounts of snow tonight. as chris clackum reports, that same system is also dipping into the deep south. >> reporter: a frigid blast blew into the northeast with near whiteout conditions from michigan to pennsylvania. lake effect snow keeps falling in places like south been, indiana, where the traveling is treacherous. >> when i change lanes, the vehicle started to slide. from there i must have continued to hit the ice and i came over into the ditch. >> reporter: a treacherous one way in youngstown, ohio, was to blame for a jet sliding off monday night. although none of the 150 passengers on board was hurt.
4:36 pm
>> the plane made a nice landing but as it went to turn, it just slid off. >> reporter: there was enough snow near philadelphia that the weather channel's mike seidel -- >> i'm going to buffalo. >> reporter: he'll need it around buffalo where the system is expected to dump as much as two feet of snow. putting an abrupt hall to that area's snow drought. in new york city, only flurries are in the forecast. that calls for bitter cold tonight into wednesday. multicar pileups were common across the region. the one monday near indianapolis injured several people. >> it was a sheet of ice. it was a chain reaction all the way from the front with the truck all the way back as far as you can see, really. >> reporter: there was snow as far south as georgia. a dusting in the mountains but enough to make roads too dangerous for school buses. even in central florida, for protection from the cold, they're covering plants with special frost cloth.
4:37 pm
the winter blast will be brief for the northeast. highs in the 50s are predicted for the weekend. nbc news. >> wow! that could be us, you know. we've got to be thankful. we're just getting wind and cold temps. more to come on news4 at 4:00. a hiker learns the hard way. the best practices for heading into the wilderness. >> be prepared. know any path you'll get on. don't get lost and have a friend with you. how he was saved by the app. coming up.
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>> no, no. separate those two. >> when we come right back, why some fear your new mobile device may be a hot target
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did you make any new years resolutions but you're worried
4:44 pm
about keeping them? >> apparently there are certain things you can do to boost your willpower. on the "today" show, it was explained the step you should be taking. >> yes, yeah. get at least six hours of sleep. >> so i'm going to say no to that cake tomorrow morning if i have more sleep than less sleep? >> yes. surprisingly if you get less than six hours of sleep a night, the brain has a harder time resisting temptation and it is akin to being a little bit drunk. >> the next tip would follow logically. if you have something big to tackle that is going to require a lot of willpower, tackle that early in the day as opposed to later in the day. >> absolutely. you can think of willpower being like a battery that's recharged by sleep but it drains over the course of the day as you spend some of your willpower. if you have a resolution to do something, it makes a lot of sense to schedule it for when you have that willpower. >> like a battery.
4:45 pm
i guess i'm like single a, not aa or aaa. she is the author of the willpower instinct. she talks about how yoga kin crease your willpower by exercising your mind. so you're stretching this and everything else. >> you're supposed to work everything out. >> so you've got a little something we need to look out for. >> right. more showers for tomorrow morning. yep. but not the kind that we'll to have worry about on area roads because we're talking about meteor showers this time. not so bad. take a look at the graphic. this time we're talking about 60 to 100 per hour from the quadrantid meteor shower. for you few lonely souls that may be up that early, you should be able to get a pretty good viewing of these. set your camera to time lapse there. maybe you can get some pictures to us. the moon will set at 3:14. unlike some of the other meteor showers, this time i don't think
4:46 pm
the moonlight will get in the way. 60 to 100 per hour. it could be even a few more than that. as far as what snow showers are still left around the area, you could see there are still a few coming through. right now around winchester through warrenton, around "friends," and leonardtown, maryland, more to the north. here's the future weather. we'll see the skies clear. there may be some spotty cover especially to the west around i-81. then more cloud cover by tomorrow afternoon. we'll start with a little bit of sunshine. then more clouds for the afternoon. it won't be as windy as today. the winds will be out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. then thursday, i love the way thursday is looking. back to some sunshine around here. the sunshine through the area. and highs that will be getting into the mid 40s. so tomorrow morning, here we go.
4:47 pm
20 to 21 degrees. it will be cold with windchill values in the single digits. there's a look at frederick by 3 degrees. then tomorrow morning, 7 degrees to 12 degrees in gaithersburg with a day that will be feeling like we're just under freezing. let's go ahead and take a look at the four-day forecast. 35 degrees. your high for tomorrow. a little breezy. 46 for thursday. and up to 56 degrees by saturday. the weekend, looking okay. we're going to have mostly cloudy skies on saturday. we may see a brief shower coming through early sunday morning. we'll watch that closely for some of the county's north and west. there is maybe a slight possibility there could be a little bit of mixed precip sunday morning. >> thanks. cyber security experts have a warning about that new mobile device you got for christmas. >> the number one target for hackers in the coming year. scott budman reports. >> according to silicon valley
4:48 pm
security company mcafee, mobile devices will be the null one target for hackers in 2012. >> mobile devices are far behind where pcs are from a security perspective. >> reporter: that's gary davis. his company says hackers will take advantage of that lack of security to get viruses on to your phone and tablet and try to steal your personal data. >> they could actually get, put on your device through different means and then while you're doing a banking transaction, it could step in, capture the transaction and take control of your bank account and drain all your money. >> reporter: and how is this for a 2012 trend? a match-up between the occupiers and high-tech hackers. mcafee calls it the rise of the hacktavist. they could take it for an hour while the occupiers are surrounding the bank and picketing. so we'll see more coordinated efforts between both the physical and the virtual through this. >> reporter: you may have a new
4:49 pm
device and that's cool but it is also dangerous. keep it safe this new year. because it's vulnerable from threats both real and virtual. >> the device we're hearing to keep from becoming aville, treat your mobile device like your home computer. >> you want to update your virus fighting software and beware of any e-mails, tweets or others that come from unfamiliar places. coming up, remember that infamous tiger mom who
4:50 pm
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now that crusader for perfect parenting is having some second thoughts. some people have odd talents like crossing their eyes or wiggling their ears. check out this girl from australia known for making her eyebrows dance. look at sarah from sydney. it shows her performing an eyebrow dance to music. it is called girl with a funny talent and has been viewed more than 7 million times. it almost looks like it has been digitized or something for a special effect. >> i think i can do it. >> go! >> you got it! they're dancing. we need a little music. >> all right. one of the most controversial moms of 2011 was battle hymn of
4:53 pm
the tiger mother author, amy. she was criticized for what she called chinese mothering. her philosophy of how to create a perfect child. part which of included no sleepovers or tv. this morning on the "today" show she said she regrets some of her decisions. >> if you had to do it over again, would you write this same book? >> i think i would. the book is a memoir. i made a lot of mistakes. i have some regrets. if i had to do it all over again, i would raise my kids the same way. i'm a proud strict mom. i'm incredibly proud of the girls that i raised. you say extreme parenting but it's interesting. if you think about it, this kind of tiger parenting is not that different from the traditional parenting of america's founders and pioneers. i don't think it is about that. i think it is about assuming strength rather than weakness in our children and helping them be the best that they can be. >> maybe it works.
4:54 pm
her oldest daughter now goes to harvard. and she is an eyebrow dancer. hey, scientists have found unwanted bacteria living in public restrooms. canadian researchers say paper towels can leave with you the germs you're trying to avoid. according to an article published in the american journal of infection control, high bacteria counts were found in the six brands of paper towels they collected. most of the bacteria were strains associated with food poisoning. the study found no illnesses connected to using paper towels. but hand blowers might not be a bad idea after that one. bad idea after that one. still
4:55 pm
when you first find out you have breast cancer, you feel like you're in a nightmare. terrified. horrified with the news.
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we'll tell you how an imphone app helped. imagine you take wrong turn and you get lost in a massive maryland state park. that's what happened on new years eve in frederick county. he was lost for seven hours until his iphone saved the day and maybe even his life. >> reporter: we're in a maryland state police hangar in frederick and this is the helicopter that found that hiker. there was a medic and a pilate on board and the hiker tells us he is fortunate that they found him. >> i know you're a happy dog. you're a happy dog.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: chris casic and boo celebrate 2012. >> i'm grateful. >> reporter: after getting lost for seven hours on new years eve, they started the trek around 1 clog in the afternoon. >> i was on one hiking trail. and it crossed with another which i knew went back to the parging lot but i went the wrong direction. >> reporter: lost they walked eight miles. chris called 911 when it got dark. his gps was wrong. >> it had me on the southern edge instead of the northern edge. >> reporter: maryland police searched the acres in their helicopter. chris pulled out his iphone and turned on the app themselves found chris by using these night vision goggles on top of this helmet. >> we ended up illuminating him and we were considering trying to make him more accessible. because the people on the ground were having a hard time getting to him. >> reporter: police guided the rescuers and they found chris and boo. >> once they found me, it was
4:59 pm
awesome. >> reporter: he celebrated his return at a new years eve party with his wife. he told her his new years eve resolution. >> not to get lost. >> reporter: chris tells us he learn from this experience. next time he'll hike with a map and a real compass. we talked with authority and they say it is important to hike with a friend and let people know where you're going. in frederick, back to you. >> that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. >> tonight, strangers risk their lives to save three young children. republicans begin to caucus for the candidate they want to face president obama in november. and the new year brings a


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